My parents still make time for chai everyday. My mom take hers in the classic fashion, Darjeeling black tea with a spot of milk and copious amounts of sugar, while dad opts for a lighter brew, sans milk and sugar. On my trips back to Kolkata, chai took on a new meaning. It was on every street corner with vendors cooking up their own sweet concoctions with ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and all sorts of other spices. My entire family would go down the street for piping hot chai, sticky jalebi, delicious samosas and lots of adda.

As Jeff Koehler says in his book, "Darjeeling”

“Tea is more than merely a drink-it’s a soother and an energizer, a marker of time and a measure of it, present at the most quotidian moments of daily life and at the most special. It seeps into life, and sustains it.

And at its source, the world’s most celebrated tea is more than just any crop, it’s the history and politics of India and Britain, the legacy of colonialism, the rise of global commerce and worker aspirations, the perils of climate change and the much, much more, writ large, and brewed into one glorious cup of amber liquid”

For me, Kolkata Chai Co is the ultimate tribute to a drink that can bring us together, no matter who we are or where we come from. I hope you’ll join us and see where home meets home.