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Signature Masala Chai Mix
Signature Masala Chai Mix
Signature Masala Chai Mix
Signature Masala Chai Mix
Signature Masala Chai Mix
Signature Masala Chai Mix

Signature Masala Chai Mix

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Our Signature Masala Chai mix delivers a bold, delicious cup of tea. Each packet contains 100% Organic Assam tea with generous amounts of whole cardamom, cinnamon and spices. Comes with instructions and easy to make in 5-7 minutes. Welcome to your new favorite drink.

120 grams /4.23 oz per pack. Each pack makes 20 cups.

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Contains Caffeine
  • 100% Organic Black Assam Tea
  • Cardamom
  • Cinnamon
  • Cloves
  • Black Pepper


  • Strong, aromatic Black tea base
  • Sweet and spicy kick from the cinnamon and Black pepper
  • Soothing, slow caffeine release


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Utz Certified Sustainable Farming
Ethical tea partnership
Bio Organic
Fair Trade

What is Masala Chai?

Chai is a combination of Black tea, milk and spices which are brewed together over low heat, native to the Indian subcontinent. Every cup is packed with natural antioxidants, immune boosting ingredients and a slow releasing form of caffeine for better healing and living.

Make The Perfect Cup of Chai

made in 5 min

Make The Perfect Cup of Chai

made in 5 min

  1. 1
    Boil 1 cup water, add 3 tsp chai mix and fresh ginger (optional)
  2. 2
    Simmer for 3 min, then add 1 cup milk
  3. 3
    Boil, steep for 3 min, strain & sweeten
Watch the video

What's in my Chai?

  • Assam Black Tea

    Our CTC tea is organically sourced from the hilltops of Assam. CTC means it’s β€œcut, torn and curled” into granules for a stronger blend that cuts though for our signature chai flavor.

  • Green Cardamom

    Derived from seed pods of plants in the ginger family that creates a warm, herbal flavor. Packed with natural healing properties.

  • Black Pepper

    This common household seasoning gives chai heat and freshness.

  • Cloves

    Collected as dried flowers of the clove tree, cloves are packed with antioxidants and inflammation reducing properties.

  • Cinnamon

    Containing antioxidants, cinnamon provides a floral and fruity flavor to a cup of masala chai.

Chai or Coffee?

Caffeine (8oz cup)
Flavor Profile
No Caffeine Crash
Detoxifies Your Body
Boosts Immunity
Natural and subtle with fresh spices
Customized with syrups
Awaz Karo It's Who We Are
This chai is so easy and tastes so good, definitely beginner friendly. It's especially delicious with oat milk!
I am a huge fan of this chai mix. Tastes so authentic and feels like I’m back in India.
There's something special about brewing it yourself as opposed to pouring a mix from a carton and heating it up.
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Martha SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States

Best chai around!

United States United States

best chai ever

I am addicted to this tea! I bought the decaf so I drink it as a dessert every night with raw milk and a splash of maple syrup. I only use 2/3 of the recipe, so I end up with 12 oz of chai (and also 30 servings instead of just 20!) And don’t skip the fresh ginger!! Seriously this stuff is amazing!

United States United States

Big Flavor

I love my new morning ritual with Kolkata chai. Opening the packet and seeing how beautiful the tea is gets my day off to a great start. Because it’s all super high quality, my cup has big flavor!

Carrie J.
United States United States

Love it!

The best afternoon pick me up, cold or hot I use coconut milk and it gets creamy I drink this just about daily I make a bigger concentrated batch to pour off of for a few days, add milk and agave for my favorite way to enjoy Such a delicious treat

United States United States

Consistent and customizable

It's really hard to mess up making chai with these mixes. You can follow the directions to a T or you can riff off of them (like when you're doing the Brown person thing of scrimping and making the bag last longer - use less mix and boil for longer), and you can mix and match with any type of milk product (I'm on a brown sugar oat milk kick these days). The e-book is a great resource too, well-researched and well-written. I wanted to not like this product because I live close to South Asian grocers and delis where you can get chai that costs much less, but Kolkata Chai just tastes better and makes you feel good after too.

Is shipping free?

Shipping is free for orders over $45. The discount is automatically applied at check out! 


Does the chai mix ever expire?

Nope! As long as you seal them properly, our DIY Chai Kits stay fresh for up to 6-8 months. After that, you might lose a little freshness but they won't ever go bad. 

How do I make a cup of chai?

Making a cup of chai is a simple process even if you've never done it before. All you need is milk, water, fresh ginger and a strainer. You can follow the directions on the back of every DIY Chai Kit or watch this instructional video


Where do you source your tea?

Our tea is currently sourced from the Bhubrighat Estate, in Assam, India. This estate is certified bio-organic, Fair Trade and UTZ certified.

I don't drink milk - Can I still make chai?

Yes! For a delicious non-dairy chai, you can replace the milk component with either oatmilk (our favorite), almond milk or soy milk. 


What makes your chai mix so special? 

Simply put, quality and flavor. We go the extra mile to source the best ingredients and have created a flavor profile that is generous on the cardamom and spices.

Signature Masala Chai Mix

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