All photography provided by Imtiaz Choudhoury

Kolkata Chai Co - Where Home Meets Home.

Our Story

Everyday, I strive to make a fresh cup of chai that rivals the ones back home. A chai that is rich, complex and just-the-right-amount sweet. Most importantly, we aim to create masala chai the way my parents had it back home. This means paying careful attention to tradition and history while highlighting local ingredients. We use Assamese CTC (crush, tear, curl) tea, fresh herbs & milk from local NJ farmers and make all our spice blends in-house. 

We understand that chai has a complicated history of colonization. Our roots are in Kolkata, India -- where we spent our summers going to our favorite street chaiwallahs. This results in a deep respect for the people, ingredients and traditions that help make every cup. For me, chai is a way to not only create an amazing authentic drink from scratch, but also rediscover my identity as a Bengali-American in a city of too many “chai lattes.” Let’s redefine and rediscover what we call home.