The Ultimate Gift Guide For Everyone In Your Life (Warning: It’s All Chai)

The Ultimate Gift Guide For Everyone In Your Life (Warning: It’s All Chai)

Let’s be honest, holiday shopping is usually an extreme sport. Between the long lines, wild Karens and non-functional price scanners, it can get pretty hectic. However, this year is a little different. With most of us being grounded by the pandemic (also known to some as a “panoramic”), our focus has shifted to how many gifts we can grab by not leaving our couch. Fair enough.

But then comes the hard part, what do you actually get the people you care about? Especially those people that don’t need any more “things” in their life. The simple answer here is, chai. Yes, it’s in our self interest to say that but there’s no way to go wrong by giving someone something that’s sweet, spicy and easy to make right before the winter hits. Regardless if they’re a pro or completely new to chai, we’re confident that your gift will be the one they keep coming back to. 

We’ve created the Ultimate Gift Guide to get you through these last few days of holiday shopping until you can finally spike your eggnog and binge watch “Queen’s Gambit”. Just saying.

1. What to Get Your Parents 

Scientifically speaking, immigrant parents are the hardest people to find the perfect gift for.* Mostly because they don’t like anything that involves spending money. Unless it’s the gift of chai, a mug, some biscuits and a handwritten card. Because if they don’t like this, that would contradict everything they’ve been doing for the past five decades. Welp, thanks science.

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*We are “science”.

2. What To Get The Excessive Coffee Drinker (aka Your Older Sibling) 

Is your older sibling all about the “hustle”? Ingesting copious amounts of coffee to power through their virtual workouts and Zoom meetings? Avoid the afternoon crash, beloved. With the new year around the corner, this is the perfect time to get them to switch to chai and be nicer to their body. Since they won’t listen to you when you say it, the next best thing is to make them feel obligated with a gift. Guilt trip, but make it ~healthy~.

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3. What To Get Your Adventurous / High Maintenance / Chai Connoisseur Friend

Did you know that a pound of saffron is worth more than a pound of gold? For that super adventurous person in your life (also sometimes referred to as your roommate), consider our exclusive Saffron Variety Pack. This bad boy comes with 3 individual packs of chai -- 1 signature masala chai, 1 saffron chai and 1 rose chai -- and is one of the most popular items in our store. There’s no way they can get bored with this one.

Also, this is really good for that one friend that claims to know everything about chai. Bet you’ve never had it like dis before.

Shop the “Saffron Variety Pack”

4. What To Get Yourself

Did you think you weren’t going to get yourself a gift this year? Oh, stop it. This gift box is appropriately named for its sole purpose: to treat yourself. Packed with all the goodies to infuse some relaxation into your life, you definitely deserve that and a little more. That’s all we have to say here.

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5. What To Get Your Significant Other 

You know “super soft t-shirt” your significant other keeps stealing? Yeah, let’s put an end to that the same way we’re about to put an end to 2020. Our ultra soft, premium cotton tees are guaranteed to impress even the most adept shirt stealers. Add a DIY Chai kit to your order if you need an apology gift for when this one horribly backfires. 

Shop the “Get Rich or Chai Trying” Tee

6. What To Get Your “Chai Tea” Friends

Ok, honesty hour. How many friends of yours still say “Chai Tea”? Well, instead of correcting them every time, here’s a gift that will fix their face forever. In a good way, of course. 

Our “Starter Kit” gift box allows anyone to go from being a rookie to an acceptable member of society in a matter of days. Packed with everything you need for the perfect cup including our preferred fine mesh strainer and a pack of Parle-Gs for dunking. 

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7. For Your BFF / Virtual Coworker / Pandemic Therapist 

If you got through 2020 without a BFF / pandemic therapist, then we need to learn from you. For the rest of us normal people, it’s time to thank that special person that helped you navigate this year. Whether it was your BFF, a coworker or anyone in between, here’s an elite gift box that will show your appreciation. Not only does it come with a bag of our coveted saffron to elevate their cup of chai, it also comes with a box of KCC matches and incense for some added relaxation moments. You know, to pay them back for all the times you stressed them out.